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04 January 2017 @ 10:51 pm
1 day awareness  
Title: 1 day awareness
Pairing/s: DaInoo
Rating: PG
Genre: angst, au, romance
Type: drabble
Summary: Inoo Kei is not your typical guy, he's the rarest form of living being in the world, but somehow a young man named Arioka Daiki fell for him.
A/n: A fic requested by aiko (unnamedangel)
I am sorry if the summary kinda sucks, hahaha I really can't come up with a good summary for this one. But the story goes deeper, hahaha so please do read and enjoy ~ ^^
Disclaimer: I only own the story, the boys ain't mine, i wish they were.
Each passing day, Inoo had hoped that it will be a change in the way he lives, no introductions, no transferring of places to live, and no more solitary. But each time he opens his eyes, it was the same old day, same old boring day. Inoo Kei, a human with a deficiency. He's not like the rest of the human being in the whole wide world; his deficiency separates him from everyone else.

His deficiency is what he calls, 1 day awareness, you'll be able to see him, if and only if you notice him, he can't talk to anybody unless the other party notices him first, you can talk to him like anybody else, touch him like anybody else, do anything with/to him like anybody else, but you'll only do this on a day, the next days, you'll forget everything you have done with/to him, you'll forget his face, his name, you'll forget everything about him.

He's been living his life like this for 26 years, his primal family has forgotten him, he spends his childhood being passed from one family to another, not even knowing who he was, and they just see him as a lost kid. He tried to deprive his life before, many times he tried, many times he failed; he failed in the sense that it's like kami won't let him die.

When he got used to this lifestyle, he tried on researching about his disease or some sort, but after years and years of asking doctors and professionals, he didn't get anywhere at finding an answer, hence he got tired of researching on how he turned to something like this.

Today, he went to the convenience store to buy some food to eat, he took a ready to eat bento, a caramel jelly, and a bottle of ice tea and he lined up to the cashier.

"Next" the cashier uttered while her head was lowered down as she was closing the drawer.

Inoo waved at the girl behind the counter, he waved a few times before she notices her "Ah! Sorry sir, I didn't see you there." she said as she scan his purchases.

Inoo is exhausted of this, his head is filled with nothing but trying to get someone's attention when he needed it the most.

As he went out, he saw a poster, saying that there'll be a matsuri, later at night, in a neighbourhood nearby. He thought of going there, since he has nothing better to do.

After eating in his rented room at a cheap apartment, he packs all his things and leaves the room. Since the landlord won't remember him renting the room.

Night falls on he wandered around the street, looking for something to do, something to keep his mind busy, when he remembered about the matsuri, he decided to head there.

Daiki was lost, he was going to go to his friend's house but with his car broken down on the middle of the road; his phone is dead too, oh what a bad day for him. He saw a matsuri being held at a town nearby, he decided to take a stroll down there.

After aimlessly wandering around the stalls, Inoo found a good spot, an elevated place wherein he can view the stalls with all the shining shimmering lights, upon seeing a bench, he sat down and indulged the stunning view.

"May I seat beside you?"

Inoo looked over to the man who spoke to him, a small figured silhouette is all he can see, since it’s a bit dark, and to his surprise that he noticed him easily, he replies "Go ahead."

"Festivals are fun, right?" Daiki said as he glanced beside him, unexpected to see a mask on his side. This guy beside him, looks like in his mid-20, is wearing a mask on the side of his face, while he endlessly eats an ice cream. "Are you from this town?"

Inoo just nod.

"Ah, I see. I am from Chiba, but right now, I am looking for a friend near this town. But my car broke down, and I can't get my car in the repair shop until tomorrow and my phone's dead too"

"Ah, " Inoo merely replied, having a small interest on the conversation.

"If I may ask, what we're you doing here? All alone? We're you waiting for someone?"

Inoo stopped eating his ice cream and chuckled at the words this guy had said to him, "Waiting? I am always waiting." He paused and continued "How about you? Why did you go up here? The party's down there. "

"It's because I saw you down there, and you looked lonely." Daiki answered shyly.

"You saw me from down there?" Inoo merely whispered, shocked at how a person can see him from below. He snickered, laughing at how interesting this guy is.

"Why are you laughing?"

"You're interesting." Inoo chuckled once again; he's amused to this guy, "What is your name, by the way?"

"Arioka Daiki." the guy answered as he bowed

Inoo bowed as well, "Doumo, my name is Inoo Kei."

Daiki is weirded out by this man, his randomness is bothersome but he's the type of person you can easily talk to. They talked for hours, introducing themselves with each other, how they live their life so far, what they do every day, their favorites, their perspectives in things and the likes. Inoo didn't notice that he'd be babbling all this to Arioka, and he doesn't look like he was bothered by it either. Inoo just let his mouth sputter all his experiences in life, he never minded it, in how it will affect on this guy, and he’ll just forget it on the next day.

"You," Inoo said

"Eh?" Daiki looked at his side,

"Your hand"

Daiki looked at his hand and gets confused; there is nothing wrong with it.

"Lend me your hand" Inoo continued his sentence

Daiki reached out his hand to him, as Inoo opened his palm and examines it. Inoo uses his right hand to hold Daiki's hand open, and his left hand to point the line that is drawn to his palm. "I see that you're hesitating" Inoo paused as he continue to analyze his palm and the lines drawn at his hand "You're hesitating to love someone, I am thinking that most of your past relationships are dreadful, am I right?" He shot his head up and looked at Daiki's eyes.

His face is painted with awe, how can a guy, a stranger he just met, know such things, just by looking at his palm? Is he that transparent? Daiki nodded back at him "Yes, I've been into a pool of lies of false loves. And yes, I can't express how I truly feel about this person. He's like a flower blooming on a deserted island, that needs to be taken care of, but I can't shake the feeling that he wanted to keep it that way." He pauses as he sighs and stares at the brilliance of the lanterns at the festival.

"I think a person like that needs the attention the most, a companion." Inoo added.

"Shall I express how I feel about this person?" Daiki asked.

"Yeah, I think you should." Inoo answered.

Thinking that what he will do next is an earth-shattering decision that will change his life, without any more hesitation in his mind, Daiki grabbed Inoo's shoulder and make him face his way, he leaned in and kissed him in the lips.

Inoo immediately pulled away, in what universe that this guy likes him, he just met him a few hours ago. "What?! Why did you kiss me?!"

"I asked earlier if I can express my feelings for this person, and you answered 'yes'. " Daiki replied

For some reason, Inoo is feeling frustrated, he stood up and reacted "I know I did. But why me? How come you fall for me? I mean we met hours ago!"

"I guess you can call it 'love at first sight' " Daiki pointed out and continued "When I saw you earlier down there, I just felt that I want to be with you."

"That's ridiculous, I am leaving." Inoo blurted as he leaves the place, this is by far, the most absurd thing he had ever heard, Love at first sight, you've got to be kidding me He thought.

Daiki stopped him as he immediately ran in front of him and spread his arms, implying a halt sign. "Why do you think it that way?"

"Because there is no such thing" Inoo replied as he pushed the smaller guy's arms away and make his way through.

Daiki ran up, infront of him again, and spread his arms "Why? Don't you believe me? You don't believe that I can make you fall in love with me?"

"That I may believe," Inoo responded as he makes his point as he pointed out his finger and harshly poke his small body. "What I don't believe is you falling for me." He ended his sentence and walks away again.

"Huh? What?!" He follows him and shouted as Inoo starting to get far away from him.

"Because you won't remember!" Inoo yelled back.

Daiki continued to follow him, until they arrived at the stalls and the sea of people, with all his strength he pulled the taller one towards him "What do you mean?"

"Arioka-san, you won't understand" Inoo calmly responded as he slowly removes Daiki's hand from arm and slowly vanishes through the crowd. Few more seconds, before the clock strikes at 12mn, he continued walking aimlessly as he was looking at his watch, carefully observing the hands pass by through 12, when the clock strikes at 12, he stopped walking, as he looked back, he can see from afar Daiki, going around, confused at why he was there. He sigh at this peculiar happening, one of the rarest things happened to his life.

Another boring day, Inoo had decided to move to another city, it had been weeks have passed until that annoying incident with Arioka, Inoo have no decency to live anymore, his tired of living this dreary, dull, stupid life of his. He wished to disappear in this selfish world. He came up with an idea of killing himself once again, upon seeing a building that is currently being construct, if he cannot kill himself, maybe he can try persuading others to kill him.

He watched a specific worker, riding on a crane, he stood up in front of it, as he picks up a stone as he threw it at him, to disturb him, to make those humongous metal pipes fall off the crane. He threw one time, nothing happens, he picks up a stone and threw it again, nothing. Third time is a charm, so he threw once again.


It falls right to him, as he had wished. The workers soon realize, a person was hit by those metal pipes, so they immediately remove it away from him, and transported him quickly to the nearest hospital.

A light, a white light to be precise, was beaming at his eyes, finally he had perished. He opened both of his eyes, to see what its like out there in the after world. As he blinks his eyes to see a clearer view, surprised at what he had recognize, a table on his side, a small closet by the window, a dextrose stand, a bandage wrapped around his left arm, and a small familiar doctor holding a medical pen light.

"Ah~, yokatta, you have woken up."

Inoo just stared blankly at him.

"Do you remember anything? Your name, family, and the incident?" the doctor asked.

Inoo just nod.

"That's good then." The doctor replied as he scribbled a few things on his clipboard, as he double check a last few things on his clipboard, he read his name Inoo Kei, his name kinda ring on his mind, as his head starts to throb, it hurts so bad that he fell on the floor, he heard the patient yelling, but his scream is making it only worse. He started remembering the events in the past few days, weeks. He'd been searching for this guy, going around town desperately looking for him. On that night of the festival, he had confessed his love at him, but that night, he just vanished into the crowd. Ever since then, he'd been frantic to find him ever since then.

He looked up, back at the patient, astonished to see him once again; he jumped and quickly hugged him, ignoring the pain moaning of Inoo, he hugged him tightly. "Oh, how I missed you."

Inoo stopped resisting when he heard what he said, "Arioka-kun... how...?" He was speechless; it had been weeks since that incident. How come a person would have come to remember him, no one had ever did.

"I was looking for you everywhere, I started asking people about you, but they don't know you, it's like you never existed in that place." He paused as he tried to make sense on what he was babbling about, “Then somehow, I started forgetting about you, I only remembered you just now, when I read your name."

"You were looking for me?" The confused Inoo said. He was unsure how this happened, or what kind of brain Arioka Daiki has, that made him remember him, but whatever it is, he's so happy that he jumped and hugged Daiki, ignoring all the physical pain he has right now. "You don't know how happy I am right now." he exclaimed as he pulls away from the hug and leaned in close to kiss his lips.
~ ★END★ ~

Sorry for that lousy ending, can't think of any other. Anyways, I do hope that you enjoyed it! Comments are ♥
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あいこunnamedangel on January 4th, 2017 04:16 pm (UTC)
The story is sad huhuhuhu T___T
But thank you for making it a happy ending
Kei deserves a happy life and glad that Daiki found him again

Thank you so much!
iamusickloveriamusicklover on January 5th, 2017 07:50 am (UTC)
your welcome! ^^