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17 November 2016 @ 11:31 pm
The last 10 days  
Title: The last 10 days
Pairing/s: YabuHika
Rating: PG
Genre: drama and romance
Type: drabble
Summary: Before they got along very well, so much, they have loved each other, but one of them decided to leave the other. And after reuniting once again, one of them reveal a secret to the other.
A/n: Ugh the summary sucks, hahaha I really can't come up with a good summary for this one. But I was really inspired to write this one, so do please read and enjoy~ ^^
disclaimer: I only own the story, the boys ain't mine, i wish they were.
★ ☆ ★ ☆

It was any other story, a story of couple, a perfect couple in fact, Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru. They met at a class back in middle school, Hikaru was a transferee to that school and was shy, until Yabu approached him and they became good friends.

They became close all throughout high school, and when their graduation came; they both confessed at each other, it was the sweetest. After graduating, Hikaru decided to go back to Miyagi and he plans to take Yabu with him and introduce him to his family.

Upon waiting on the train station, Hikaru was waiting for him there, but a few more minutes the train will leave and Yabu wasn't there yet. He mailed him a lot of times but there was no reply, he called him many times too, but there was no answer either, one last time, he called him again and Yabu answered.

"Kota! Where are you?"

"Gomen Hikaru, I can't go. I am sorry. Bye" Yabu said as he hung up.

He rode the train leads to his home, he didn't know why Yabu didn't come, nor why he didn't say anything, he tried asking, but there was no reply. Many things have gone passed in his mind, terrible and horrifying, scary and agonizing. Tears flowed from his eyes, what could have happened to his beloved. Yesterday, they were enjoying life at its fullest, and now he doesn’t talk to him anymore. What could've he done?

Years have passed, both of them never did meet nor speak with each other, but they do think of each other sometimes, when the night is quiet and the moon is bright, they have thought how’s the other one is doing.

Yet the next morning, something fortunate and unfortunate happened. At a cafe, they accidentally bump with each other. Yabu, who was an inch shorter than Hikaru before, was now taller than him. They faces froze as they try to depict the situation they're in.

"Hikaru." "Kota." they uttered at the same time. The world seems have to stop and it felt like they're the only two people in a space, a void.

Yabu offered for them to share a table together. Hikaru didn't know what to say, albeit he have thought of this day would come, he had prepared all of the things he had to say, but the moment he saw him, everything seem to have vanished, he was too overwhelmed seeing him again.

Silence fell in the air as they both busied themselves with their drinks, Yabu decided to break it. "How were you?"

With all the things going on his head, his mouth blurted "Kota, sorry I'm gonna die soon." Quite shocked at what his mind chooses to say, rather than say stuff like 'Why didn't you contact me back then?' Or 'Did I do something wrong for you to leave me?' Or just simply 'Why?' but rather, his mouth said 'I am gonna die soon.'

Yabu choked on his drink, "What?"

Hikaru took a deep breath and decided to tell him, looking him in the eye, he told him straight, "I have Leukemia. It's in a stage wherein it’s fatal and incurable. The doctor said I have less than 2 weeks left, he let me do whatever I want at its fullest." he paused while he looked down at his cup of coffee, "I'm glad I have seen you one last time."

Yabu looked at him deeply, regretting even more what he has done before. Every single day he had regretted that he ditched him; he left him on that day. He reached out his hand and placed it on the top of Hikaru's, "I am sorry." was the first word that came from his lips, and continued "I am sorry for what happened before, please let me make it up to you now. I should have given you what you deserve. But I was a coward, stupid prick who decided to leave you. For that, please let me take care of you, let me be there on your side."

"Why? Why did you left back then?"

"I was daunted, perplexed, terrified that I had to make a commitment. The night you have invited me, I was astonished and excited, but as the night draws in, horror flushed in my mind, some things I never knew I would think came to me that instant." Yabu paused as he remembers a petrifying piece of memory in his mind. "I didn't contact you afterwards, scared that you'll just drive me away even more. I know it sounds crazy and all, but that's just that. I love you and all, but some things been bugging in my mind and its driving me wild." Yabu paused again as he took a deep breath and a sip of his coffee "I don't wish you'd understand nor forgive me, but at this last time I hope you'll let me by your side and take of you."

Being lost in love, Hikaru decided to take his offer. Thus, to give Hikaru what he deserves, every day, Yabu would do something for him.

Day 1: Yabu went all the way to Miyagi to get him his favorite mochi.

Day 2: He brought him a cuddly bear, in which it'll remind him.

Day 3: He brings a bouquet of flowers, he asks for his forgiveness, as he explains to him that they had an imaginary fight, wherein he was caught by Hikaru, flirting with the undeniably hot bartender.

Day 4: He brought his guitar and plays the song they made before. Yabu started singing as Hikaru joined him as well.
           with your tears rain will fall
           with your smile the sky will be clear again
           in the sunset dyed with the colour of orange
           there is another promise
           with your tears flowers will start to grow
           with your smile flowers will bloom
           and then in the petal that falls
           contains my next promise I swear to you

Day 5: They'll watch movies together as Yabu give him small kisses that he had missed.

Day 6: Yabu tells him how sorry he was, how foolish what he had done, he'll ask for his forgiveness one last time, before he departs, and he'll be the one who's gonna leave him. Hikaru nodded as he says "I forgive you."

Day 7: Yabu tells him how grateful he was,  all day, he'll thank him for everything he had done, for joining him watch his favorite soccer games, for making music together, for being there when he needed him, and lastly for loving him just as he was.

Day 8: Yabu said I love you, one last time, and Hikaru did the same.

Day 9: Yabu went and bought them a couple ring, he let Hikaru put the ring in his finger, while he does the same. They'll have their very own little ceremony wherein they say their own vows and be bound to be together forever.

Day 10: On the last day, he stayed by his side all day, firmly gripping his hand onto his; he felt slowly the grasp was fading away.

★ ☆ ★ ☆

Crediting: yuizaki_libra for the translation of Tears and Smile :)
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Fhaymysteriousgal11 on November 20th, 2016 05:39 pm (UTC)
Here's a choco for you ^^. This was short but somehow heartbreaking :/ Mad at Yabu TAT *throws him*
iamusicklover: kiko m.iamusicklover on November 21st, 2016 06:30 am (UTC)
Thanks! Yeah, I had my heart broken too, when I finished this ;~;