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17 July 2016 @ 08:36 pm
The confession of Takaki Yuya  
Title: The confession of Takaki Yuya
Pairing/s: TakaInoo (Yuya-centric)
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, fluff, and more fluff
Type: drabble
Summary: It's the 12671268th time yuya tries to confess to his friend Inoo Kei, and he hopes that it'll go well this time.
A/n: A fic requested by Keiyuki (ficreader_02) , sorry for that lousy summary >w< , I hope you like it ^^

★ ☆ ★ ☆
"I love you, Inoo." it's been stuck on my head for a long time, I have to say it to him already, or he might be stolen away from me.

I started falling for my co-member, Inoo Kei, back when we we're rehearsing for Johnny's world, while the others are at the stage, I saw him writing a bunch of stuff I don't understand on a notebook, while he check something on his phone (data about his thesis, I guess). Sometimes, on the van, when we're sitting beside each other, he'll ask me if he can sleep on my shoulder, and of course I'll say 'yes', since he don't get enough sleep at his house, since he'll be doing his paperworks. Poor guy, I hope I can help him. "Hey, Inoo, just ask me anything, I'll help you." I told him that, and he just replied me with "Arigatou, Takaki."

I've been trying to confess to him, ever since he changed his hairstyle, and oh my goodness, he looks so hot even more, the brown mushroom hair is the best! But every time I try to talk to him, the words came out wrong like "Hey, I like y- ... I like the yakisoba we ate earlier." or something like "Inoo, I have something to tell you... I ... I- I got a new keychain! Wanna see it?" I am stupid as they say, sighs why is confessing so hard? And why is Inoo so gorgeous?

Today, we're at a beach having a photo-shoot, the photographer arranges our position, I was standing beside Inoo, how lucky I am, I placed my elbow on his shoulder as we posed for the camera. Next was a pairing shoot, and thank you kami, for setting me up with Inoo on this shoot, the theme was 'lovers on the beach', this day couldn't get any better. I took the chance to make moves towards Inoo; I wrapped my arms around him while I stand behind him, as the camera goes flash! Next, I feed him with ice cream as he open his mouth, and the camera goes flash again. Lastly, while sitting, I placed my arm around his shoulder and accidentally kissed him in the cheek. Yes, accidentally, I did that unconsciously, I was surprised when I realized my lips was on his cheek, and when the cameraman yelled "That's good!"

We ended the photo-shoot, and they decided that we stay at the inn nearby. I stayed outside for a while, sitting on the sand, shoving my toes to the sand and staring blankly at the sea, oh how beautiful it is at night, on how the moon and the stars reflect on the water, it shone beautifully.

I can't stop thinking about the news article I have read recently, Inoo has a new drama, and it’s good for him.

"Hey" someone uttered and the way that voice sounded, I already know who it was.

I turned my head around "Oh, Inoo." I turned back once again and faced the sea, embarrassed at the thing I did to him earlier.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked as he sat beside me.

"Nothing, thinking." I replied.

"What were you thinking?"

"That you have a new drama." Oh shit, I just blurted that out. Idiot!

"Oh, the one with Mizuki-san, right?"

"Mizuki-san?" I reacted. He calls him by her first name? And we've known each other for years and he calls me Takaki?!

"Yeah, she was nice, we chat a lot."

I got furious, I am tired of this, I am tired of keeping it all to myself. "Ne, we've been together for years, and you still call me Takaki."

"Why? You call me Inoo, right?" He looked away and blushed. He blushed, why did he blush?!

"You just blushed didn't you? Why?"

"I am not! You're imagining things!" He said as he hides his face with his slender fingers.

I took his hands away from his face, and looked straightly at his eyes. "Then, I'll call you Kei"

He looked away, and blushed, again! "You blushed again!"

"I did not!" He answered still not looking at me.

"Kei, I love you." Finally I got his attention, got his eyes looking at me. Before he can reply, I leaned in and kissed him on the lips, I let go of his hands as my hands find its way to his head, brushing off his hair.

I pulled away after a few seconds, surprised that he didn't pull away from my kiss. "Stupid yuyan, I love you too." he whispered while he looked away and covered his mouth.

I must be the happiest person alive; I stand up and jumped as high as I could. As my feet touched the ground, I heard something cracked, Ouch I pulled the wrong muscle, as i crouched down and caressed my knee. Kei stands up as well, and smacked me in the head "Stupid! You don't need to jump."

"I know, but I am happy to hear that you love me too." I replied.
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